Peabody Productions has evolved from our flagship band, Peabody Ragtime Ensemble, to encompass a group of established ensembles, solo artists and orchestras under the award-winning musical direction of Ed Goldstein. Whether you require a small jazz combo, a solo harpist or a 17-piece big band, Peabody Productions works exclusively with seasoned professional musicians who perform in both jazz and classical genres to meet a variety of musical needs. Our ensembles include a New Orleans-style “banjo band,” a brass quintet and a 6-piece Dixieland band, as well as a 17-piece big band, a symphony pops duo and a small jazz combo, and, of course, Peabody Ragtime Ensemble. Peabody Productions has provided music for weddings, funerals, corporate parties, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, groundbreakings, dinner dances, fundraisers, bull roasts and formal galas — to name a few. Our ensembles have performed in settings as varied as ballrooms, living rooms and boardrooms, churches, hospitals and senior centers, schools, libraries and open-air band shells.

Please call Ed Goldstein at 410-627-1948 or email to request more information.

PEABODY RAGTIME ENSEMBLE — 7 pieces Weddings · Galas · Anniversaries · Dinner Dances · Trade Shows In spite of the “Ragtime” moniker, Peabody Ragtime Ensemble is a 7-piece “little Big Band” that has performed over 2500 dances, weddings and galas since 1974. We play an eclectic jazz repertoire of Big Band and Swing music, with a sprinkling of Dixieland and Ragtime, as well as all the usual dance and jazz standards. We can also provide selected vocals, although we are primarily an instrumental ensemble. Authentic New Orleans Second Line! Named “Baltimore’s Best Jazz Band” by Baltimore Magazine
PEABODY JAZZ — trio, quartet, quintet Weddings · Holiday Parties · Anniversaries · Dinner Parties Peabody Jazz, a combo that is a “spin-off” from the 7-piece Peabody Ragtime Ensemble, has proven to be a very successful alternative when size is a consideration. The basic instrumentation for Peabody Jazz usually consists of acoustic piano (depending on availability) or electric keyboard (which we can provide), jazz tuba or string bass, drums and, if you choose, one or two horns (usually clarinet doubling on sax and flute, and trumpet or trombone) to augment the rhythm section — although the line-up can vary a bit depending on availability and preference. Their repertoire is similar to the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble.
SWANEE RIVER RAGTIME BAND — trio / quartet / quintet Ground Breakings · Rehearsal Dinners · Holiday Parties · Anniversaries · Dinner Parties Swanee River Ragtime Band, our 3 to 5-piece “banjo band,” plays a vintage jazz mix of New Orleans-style Dixieland, Swing, jazz standards, show tunes, Honky Tonk, and Tin Pan Alley, as well as the traditional sing-along repertoire. The instrumentation for Swanee River Ragtime Band is banjo, tuba and a melody instrument like clarinet, which can be augmented with trumpet and trombone.
BALTIMORE JAZZ ORCHESTRA — 17 pieces Weddings · Dinner Dances · Trade Shows · Galas The Baltimore Jazz Orchestra, our 17-piece big band, is a “spin-up” from the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble. The BJO is a classic big band in the tradition of Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller and was selected to accompany jazz legend Mel Tormé for four concerts at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Since then they have distinguished themselves both on the band stand and the concert stage.
BRASS MENAGERIE — quintet Holiday Parties · Trade Shows · Wedding Ceremonies · Receptions Brass Menagerie is a traditional (and sometimes not-so-traditional!) brass quintet offering ceremonial music, fanfares and light favorites, including jazz, pop, show tunes, light classics, rags and novelties. They also play fanfares, useful for transitioning large groups of people from one location to another. For special occasions, we can also offer bagpipes and Celtic harp to augment the traditional brass music, depending on availability. A great choice the holiday season!
BOURBON STREET RAMBLERS — 6 pieces Mardi Gras · Holiday Parties · Trade Shows The Bourbon Street Ramblers, our 6-piece Dixieland band, has been the featured headliner at the Maryland Wine Festival for over 20 years. For dances, parties, concerts and receptions the band performs an improvisational repertoire of traditional New Orleans-style jazz that creates a festive Mardi Gras atmosphere, as well as the standard swing repertoire. Authentic Second Line! Traditional funerals.
TuBanjo — A Symphony Pops Duo Trade Shows · Dinner Parties · Special Occasion Events They performed in Carnegie Hall. Ed Goldstein on Tuba and Buddy Wachter on Banjo will serenade your guests and create a unique concert experience — in the intimacy of your living room or in the Convention Center ballroom.