Bourbon Street Ramblers is a happy “party” band, for people who want to stomp their feet to an authentic Dixieland beat. As featured performers at the Maryland Wine Festival for over 20 consecutive years, the Bourbon Street Ramblers have built a loyal following and continue to make new fans each season.

Their traditional New Orleans sound is ideal for listening as well as dancing, and the Bourbon Street Ramblers have strutted their stuff at concerts, weddings, barbecues, Mardi Gras parties and  even traditional New Orleans-style funerals. With their broad repertoire that appeals to every age group, they have entertained seniors in nursing homes as well as Generation X-ers at fairs and festivals.

Formed in 1978, the band consists of seasoned professionals with an aggregate of over 250 years of performing experience! Each musician is a master of improvisation, playing the instrumental solos that distinguish Dixieland as a musical style where nothing is written down and each rendition is spontaneous and unique.