Peabody Jazz


Peabody Jazz, a three to five-piece combo that is a “spin-off” from the 7-piece Peabody Ragtime Ensemble, has proven to be a very successful alternative when size is a consideration. For a guest list that numbers less than 75-100, this smaller combo would be an appropriate choice.


The basic instrumentation for Peabody Jazz usually consists of acoustic piano (depending on availability) or electric keyboard (which we can provide), jazz tuba or upright bass, drums and a horn (usually clarinet doubling on sax and flute) to augment the rhythm section—although the line-up can vary a bit depending on availability and musicality.



When the ensemble is engaged for a wedding, the whole combo can play during the ceremony, or you can start with a flute and piano duo, for example, and then add on the rest of the rhythm section (bass and drums) for the cocktail hour and reception.



Peabody Jazz plays a versatile repertoire similar to that of Peabody Ragtime Ensemble− (including classical music for the ceremony), jazz  and dance standards, swing, and most special requests. To listen to a representative sample of our music featuring Peabody Ragtime Ensemble, click on “Sound” and select “Cut Loose: Music For Dancing” to hear a demo of our dance music. To hear a concert demo with selected vocals, click on “Choice Cuts.”
Photo credit: Jaime Atteniese