The Peabody Ragtime Ensemble in Concert


“A first prize for eclecticism should go to another Baltimore combo, the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble, which presented a polished and lively program that covered the spectrum from march to rag to Dixieland to Fats Waller and blew up a hurricane with the Benny Goodman/Gene Krupa warhorse Sing Sing Sing.”

—Washington Post


“Things definitely swung in Lancaster Square Sunday night as the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble delighted a throng of about 500 people with their delightfully diverse repertoire of traditional American music.”

—Intelligencer Journal


“It is no-nonsense jazz, the kind that says listen, enjoy or get out of the way . . . Listeners’ bodies may have remained sedately in their seats but their spirits were singing, clapping, shagging down the aisle.”

—Malone Evening Telegram


“Each of the members is a virtuoso on his own instrument and has mastered the art of jazz improvisation.  As an ensemble, their sound is tight, energetic and exhilarating.”

—Carroll Sun


“The Ensemble mesmerized everyone present at their performance.”

—The Beacon


“The instrumental performances are uniformly stunning . . . Check out the three horns blowing three different melodies in Sunny Side Up; only then will you be able to appreciate this septet’s true musical virtuosity.”

—Maryland Musician Magazine


“Though the Ensemble may not be the type George Peabody imagined would carry his name when he founded the Conservatory, it’s likely that if he were alive today, he’d be tapping his philanthropic foot.”

—Peabody News


“We can’t mention everything that was heard at their concert . . . their repertoire is vast.”



“This is a versatile, well-rehearsed group . . . Catch the Peabody Ragtime Ensemblewhenever you can.  They’re superb!”

—Tailgate Ramblings

“When the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble went to Moscow last November [1987], Soviet audiences gave them the kind of welcome rock stars usually get . . . Even more prestigious was an invitation to a jam session at a famous jazz club… where Dave Brubeck played on his Soviet tour.”

—Down Beat


Praise for The Peabody Jazz Trio, Quintet & Other Combos


Thanks so much for helping make our parents 50th anniversary a truly memorable day. The Peabody Jazz Trio was absolutely perfect! My parents and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the music, especially the specific numbers we had requested. Our guests were delighted when the trio very willingly accommodated their on-the-spot requests. It was a wonderful celebration!

—Carol Saunder


The Peabody Jazz musicians came through with flying colors . . . the setting they set was so inviting that nobody could resist. The evening was magical and we had to extend an extra hour and a half because they just couldn’t stop dancing! Please thank your talented and skilled musicians not only for their stamina but for making Emily’s wedding truly and unforgettable dance-a-thon!